14 Acres of Greenhouse Production  /  65 Acres of Outdoor Production 

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Summer Hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-3:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-3:00pm

Sunday:  Closed

Tel: 908-534-7710

Address: 4 Coddington Road,
Whitehouse Station, N.J. 08889



Availability as July 17th 2022


Flowering Tropicals & Large Tropicals


6" Supatiens

10" Sunflowers Deck  Pots

10" Zinnia Deck Pots

10" Angelonia Deck Pots

10" Dahlias Deck Pots

10" Million Bells Deck Pots

10" Trailing Vinca HB

10" Portulaca HB

10" Sunpatiens HB

10" Lantana HB

1 Gallon Hibiscus


10" Hibiscus Bush

10" Hibiscus Standards

10" Hibiscus Braided

10" Mandevilla Trellis

10" Dipladenia Bush and HB

10" Monstera Philodendren

14" Monstera Philodendren

4" Peperomia

4" Variegated Aralia

8" HB Pileas Hanging Assorted

10" Canna Lillies

10" Scheflera Amate

10" Spathyphiums

10" Ficus Lyratas

14" Ficus Lyrata

17" Ficus Lyrata

5" Anthoriums

5" Money Tree

14" Birds of Paradise

10" Rubber Plant Burgandy & Tineke

10" Ficus Altissima

17" Variegated Calusa

25 Gal Adonidia Palms

15 Gal Adonidia Palm

25 Gal Bizmark Palm

15 Gal Bizmark Palm

25 Gal Bottle Palm

7 Gal Spindle Palm

7 Gal Phoenix Reublini Palm

7 Gal PonyTail Palm

10" Calatheas

3 Gal Bougainvillea

7 Gal Bougainvillea Trellis

15 Gal Bougainvillea Trellis

15 Gal Bougainvillea Standard

10" Heleo Beauty Alocasia

4" Pilea Money Plant

4" Cactus Assorted

6" Boston Fern

10" Boston Ferns

8" HB Trandescendia Bright Purple

10" HB Wandering Jew

8" HB Wandering Jew

10" HB Spider Plants

8" HB Spider Plants

16” Elephant Ears

6" Jade

10" Jade

10" Aloe

6" Coffee Plant

6" Croton

14" Pencil Cactus

18" Pencil Cactus

10" Euphorbias

16" Oval Succulent Gardens

4” Tropicals Assorted  

6" Assorted Tropicals 

6” Snake Plants 

10" Snake Plants

6” Pepperomia

6" Variegated Agave

10" Variegated Agave

6" Variegeted Aboracola

6” Marginata Braided  

8” Marginata Braided

10" Sago Palms

10” Sheflera Aboricola


10” Philodendrum Selloum


8” Red Sister Cordyline

10” Red Sister Cordyline

and more.....



Succulents & Cacti

3” Assorted Succulents too many varieties to list

4” Assorted Succulents too many varieties to list

4” Assorted Cacti

4" Dragon Fruit Cactus

6" Assorted Succulents

10” Aloe

6" Jade

10” Jade

4” Succulent Hanging Baskets

         String of Arrow

         Variegated Crassula

          Trailing Echeverias

          Trailing Grapetosydum and Grapetoveria

          Variegated Spiders

          And more

6” HB Succulents Full and Nice Hanging Variety Succulents

         String of Bananas

          String of Pearls

           String of Dolphins

            Creeping  Pilea Pepperomias

            Pepperomias  Trailing

            Donkey or Burros Tail

    Trailing Sedums

  Hanging Echeveria

8” String of Dolphins Hanging Basket

8" HB Hanging Succulents Assorted

Flowering Plants

4.5" Calibrachoas

4.5" Portulaca

6" Coleus

6" Caladiums

6" Sunpatiens

6" Vinca

6" Salvia

6" Zinnias

6" Wax Begonias

6" Big Begonias & Dragon Wing Begonias

Whiskey Barrel Combo Planters

Urn Planter Combos

10" Premium Hanging Baskets Assorted

10" Premium Deck Pots Assorted

10" Zinnias Deck Pots

10" Basil Bowls

6" Citronella

1 Quart Premium Annuals

1qt Coleus (Many colors to choose from)

1qt Nonstop Begonias

1qt Lantana

1qt Angelonia

1qt Calibrachoa

Annual Flats

Impatiens Flats 804's

Vinca Flats 804's

Marigold Flats 804's

Coleus 804's

Begonias 804's

Premium Flowering Hanging Baskets

16" Supertunias HB

16" Million Bells HB

14" Flowering Deck Pots Combos

16" HB Color Combos


4" Basil

4" Pots Lavender

4" Pots Rosemary

4" Pots Chives

4" Pots Oregano

4" Pots Sage

6" Pot Ruda

10" Rosemary

10" Lavender

Accent Plants

4" Vinca Vine

4" Dracena Spikes

4" Sweet Potato Vine Purple & Green

4" Baltic Ivy

6" Red Spikes


Hionis Greenhouses has the Hugest Selection of Perennials, Succulents, Houseplants, and Flowers!



Hionis Greenhouses is one of New Jersey's largest growers of plants and flowers. We are family owned and operated for two generations. Family ownership means you receive the benefit of a business that takes the utmost pride in delivering a quality product year after year. As well as a commitment to forging long term relationships with our customers. We provide fast, efficient and reliable service.


Hionis Greenhouses has six acres of state of the art glass facilities, as well as 3 acres of quonset greenhouses. New for 2017,  4 acres of gutter connected greenhouses to increase our growing operation under cover to 14 acres. Our outdoor production has expanded to over 65 acres. We are always working and planning to increase our growing space in order to fulfill our clients needs and produce the highest quality products.

At Hionis Greenhouses and Garden Center, you'll discover the largest selection of awesome annuals, gorgeous hanging baskets, designer container gardens, exciting new perennials and plants. Stroll the nursery and find it blooming with fragrant roses, vibrant red and classic pink, to pure white and soft purple ornamental trees and hundreds of lush flowering shrubs and evergreens . We proudly feature "Jersey Grown" products. Our expansive flower wholesale division gives us the leading edge and ability to deliver a wide range of awesome annuals and exciting perennials fresh from the greenhouses to the Garden Center. 

Gift Cards are a natural fit for every gardener and are available for purchase in any denomination. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover cards accepted. Gift Cards do not have an expiration date. 

Hionis Greenhouses and Garden Center supports local organizations, garden clubs, civic groups, non-profit charitable organizations, senior citizen centers, youth groups, churches, schools, town events, and student activities.

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Hionis Greenhouses and Garden Center has been proudly growing in the gardening community since 1985.














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